Rocket French Review – Can It Really Help You?

Rocket French Review

Welcome to this in depth Rocket French review where we’ll take a closer look at whether or not this method can help you.. As more and more people are searching for ways to successfully learn French, a new name keeps coming up – Rocket French. Traditionally most of us learned (or attempted to learn) a foreign language as children in a classroom. However, that took several years. Even enrolling for evening classes won’t have us speaking French in a few weeks, and they’re not as cheap as they used to be.

As someone who speaks 4 foreign languages (I learned French the old-fashioned way, 7 years as a kid in school) and is currently learning a 5th (Turkish – online course) I can safely say the best learning method is to do a full immersion course of at least 6 months in that country.

But, much as you may like the idea, you can’t take time off work to go to Paris to learn French for 6 months, the course fees are too steep and have you seen the price of apartment rentals in Paris lately? Except for those privileged few with lots of time and money on their hands it’s not really a viable option. So that’s where courses such as this one come in, and that’s why we put together this Rocket French review.

If you really need more inspiration about learning French, then watch this video.

What Exactly Is Rocket French?

This is an online course that claims to have you speaking and understanding French as a native in 50% of the time of other courses. A bold statement, which we’ll look into further later on. The course itself is all online via a members only web site, and you are able to download all the audio files to your computer. This is useful for being able to test your progress when you are offline.

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Where Did It Come From?

This course is a product offered by the company Rocket Languages. Founded by 2 language students, Mark Ling and Jason Oxenham, back in 2004 who were looking for a better way of learning foreign languages than the traditional methods taught in college. Their first product was a Spanish course, Rocket Spanish. A French course soon followed and today, 9 years later, the company have grown to 12 different language courses and over 1,000,000 users. The target market ranges from total beginners to those with a reasonable knowledge looking to brush up their skills.

What Will You Find Inside The Course?

It consists of 53 language and culture lessons. The core of these lessons are 33 audio lessons, on average 24 minutes long, so that’s over 15 hours in total. It is through these audios that you will increase your understanding of French, as well as learning the correct pronunciations from native speakers. Grammatical explanations are given, and you will expand your vocabulary with each lesson. There is also a feature called “Hear It Say It” which involves you recording yourself speaking phrases and then comparing yourself to a French speaker.

One of the claims the company makes, that we came across while doing research for this Rocket French review, is that you can learn the language in half the time compared to other methods. This is done via a Dashboard which is personalized to your settings. Your progress is then tracked, your next lesson is suggested according to your particular learning style and you can easily see your overall progress. Any weaknesses are highlighted, giving you the opportunity to focus more on those areas than others.

One unique feature I haven’t seen before with other programs is that also an online “Word Games” section. The idea is that certain aspects of the course are covered in a game environment. The thinking behind this is that it is easier to learn something if there is a certain amount of “fun” involved.Here’s a few thumbnailed screenshots to give you a better idea





Word Game

Word Game


Customer support appears to be well covered; you get lifetime access to email support and forum support as well as help via telephone.

What Do Real World Users Think?

I wanted some feedback so I took a look through 72 user reviews, people of different ages, nationalities and education. In other words a good cross section of students. Out of those reviews 68 people gave a 5 star rating, 3 gave 4 stars and 1 person offered a 3 star rating. Here’s a few testimonials:

“This program is very easy to use, I am having a lot of fun with it. I can’t believe how much I have forgot since grade 9 French :)
- Jamie, Ontario, Canada

“It surprised me how quickly, with a bit of effort, I was able to pick up grammar and by constant repetition my vocabulary improved as well.”
- Steven, London, United Kingdom

“I don’t know where you could possibly get more for your money – so all I can say is that I highly recommend it.”
- Mark, Milwaukee, USA

“What a great program. I bought this after looking closely at Fluenz, but decided on Rocket French because of the lesser amount of time that was required per lesson, and because it had voice recording options.”
-Allen, California, USA

A lot of people commented on the speed of learning in comparison to other courses.

What About Negative Points?

french-premium-laptop-detailedSome people learn best in a group, classroom environment and find it difficult to motivate themselves to put in the effort necessary when “teacher” isn’t looking over their shoulder watching them carefully. I’m not a psychiatrist but I would imagine that has to do with how we were conditioned to learn from our school days. If you fit into this category, then such an online course may not be best for you and it may be a better option to enroll into a local evening class.

Certain people may not like the fact that Rocket French comes as an online, web based course rather than a boxed CD set. In fact there is an option to buy the same course on a set of 20 CDs, although this is considerably more expensive.

Can Rocket French Really Help You To Learn French?

If you are prepared to set aside time on a regular basis and follow the lessons in the course then there is no doubt that you can be successful. Such online methods are now pretty well-established and many people have successfully learned French from them. Not only does Rocket French come with a 60 Day guarantee (which should be enough time for you to decide whether or not you will benefit), but there is currently also a free 6 day trial available.

Discounts and Bonuses

At the time of writing there is a discount of $50 available on the usual price, plus there are also 3 relevant bonuses included for free. These are

  • Rocket French Premium Survival Kit valued at $49.95
  • Rocket French Beginners Mega Cards valued at $19.95
  • Rocket French Advanced Mega Cards valued at $19.95

So, now you’ve read the Rocket French review, the next step is to click the link below.

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